Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence cases are treated seriously by the courts. It is essential that you obtain advice from a specialist domestic assault defence lawyer.
Domestic violence is a term used where there has been an incident involving threatening behavior violence or abuse that has occurred in a domestic nature ie where the parties are in a relationship, intimate partners or are family members which includes spouses, cohabitees , siblings and parents and children.

Domestic violence cases can also have other far reaching effects upon your life such as restraint orders it can also effect your rights to having contact with your children and your job with CRB checks. Yates Ardern have specialist domestic violence lawyers who know the pressures that theses cases bring and will help you through every stage of the case.

There is no specific offence of domestic violence and the charge will depend upon the circumstances of the case. This could be an assault or harassment or threatening behavior or even criminal damage.


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Cases under Domestic violence offences

Section 39 Common Assault
Section 47 Assault occasioning actual bodily harm
Section 20
Section 18
Restraint Orders

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